May 5th, 2021

With more than 9 million downloads and 100,000 members (and counting), Twickd is one of the most popular mainstream repository available today.

But this popular craze towards Twickd did not come until early 2020. We rapidly went from 1,000 members to 10,000 and 100,000 in just a few months. This impressive growth was unexpected for us, our systems were not ready to welcome this large amount of people.

In March 2020, we decided that it was time to make meaningful changes to ensure a better experience for everyone and prepare for the future.
Those changes, whoever, involved rebuilding everything from the ground up (which turned out to be a way longer process than we expected).

After more than a year of hard work, dedication, and abnegation, we are please to introduce the new Twickd 🎉

Almost everything changed in this new version, for the better!
We heard and understood your feedback and did our best to implement, or plan to implement, most of them.

This changelog sums up the most impactful changes made between the previous version and the current one, but there are a lot more details for you to discover

Notice: This changelog is still in writing, some essential features are yet to be added


Right away, you will se our brand new design language in action across all the entry points of the application. Learn more about our design language

New Features
  • Beautiful new design. Learn more
  • No more third-party data analytics. Everything is now done "in-house"
  • More advanced documentation website
  • Real-time status page. Learn more
  • Dedidacted support center with most of the frequently asked questions. This feature will continue to improve with the feedbacks from its first users
  • Up to 10x faster page load
  • All avatars are now handled by Gravatar
  • Better integrated dark-mode
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation bar was showing minified after hitting the cache
  • Fixed an issue where page were hangging before redirecting to the homepage


Being the most visited entry point of Twickd, for obvious reasons, the repository changes had to be meaningful while still respond to the technical limitations defined by package managers.

New Features
  • Cydia now benefits from our new Direct Authentication system. It automatically detects your device when browsing a package depiction. If the device is already linked to an account, it will be authenticated. Otherwise, the device will automatically be linked to your account when you try to purchase a package. This removes the step of linking your device to your account manually.
  • You no longer have to reconnect your account once a week on modern package managers (like Sileo, Installer, Zebra, ...)
  • Introducing a new Checkout page to give you a summary of what you are about to order
  • Better repository index with more highlights for popular and trending packages
  • Package depiction design has completely change to follow our new brand guidelines. It is more modern and provides you with the information you need
  • Click on the screenshots to show them at full size
  • Organizations page are now more detailled and with better visibility
  • Package screenshots are not longer "hard-cropped" for a better quality
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where old images were still loading after deletion


New Features
  • You can now link 6 devices to your account
  • You can now delete your account directly from... your account
  • Better interface for you order history
  • Devices can be named
Bug fixes
  • Creating account does no longer require to have a Gmail account


Everything about the dashboard has changed. Creators now have more control over their package and how they manage their organizations/business. Along with a massive design overhaul, most of the key concepts the we know nowadays about developer dashboard have been redefined.

New Features
  • Transaction history can now easily exported as a CSV file
  • Organizations (also referred to as Businesses) can now enter address, phone number, and Tax informations so their customers can see from whom they are buying
  • Businesses can define the tax rates they will apply to their customers at checkout
  • Businesses can mark a list of countries they are not interested in, and/or not allowed to do business with
  • Businesses can bulk-create gift codes (up to 25 gift code at once)
  • Creators can define a custom BundleID for their packages. If you decide, however, to change the default BundleID you will no longer be allowed to upload to multiple repositories
  • Businesses can decide to give part of their revenue to contribute to compensate their carbon footprint
  • Creators have access to more information about their business right from the dashboard index page.
  • Packages now belong to organizations (or business) owned by creators rather than directly to creator.
  • Version history are now kept forever so users can have a complete history of a package (while the actual files are still archived with the same rules as before)
  • Package can now have up to six high-quality screenshots attached
  • Discounts can now be applyed either at a fixed rate or at a variable rate.
Bug fixes
  • A support email can be defined for each package independently
  • Fixed an issue where DRM was not responding if hit too many time by the same device
  • Fixed an issue where the developer personnal email was linked to a package
  • Fixed an issue where a package would still be mark as paid even if the price was set to free

More minor features, improvements and bug fixes are awaiting for you!

From all the team,
Thank you for being part of our history and helping us building our future.