June 12th, 2021

Twickd's commitment to quality is no longer to be proven. During the past year the team has done a remarkable job to improve the quality of our services.

Today, we believe that we have reached a sufficent level with our own services to tackle improving the quality of the content distributed with them...

Twickd has always, since its beginnings, given the opportunity to all creators to express themselves.
Many great creators, today recognized by the quality of their work and their involvement in the community, started on Twickd.

Unfortunately, this excess of freedom has not always been beneficial for the community and for us, as many of you have pointed out in the past.

But we have learned from these mistakes and that's why today we are thrilled to announce the first step of our big change of direction aiming at improving considerably the quality of the content distributed with Twickd.

New Features

Organization Account Applications

In order to be able to submit a package to the moderation, creators must now submit an application.
This application will be manually reviewed by experienced team members and will be judged according to the motivation and the possible quality of the content proposed by the applicant.

This new feature will be beneficial for everyone because it will allow to unclog the moderation queue, thus allowing a faster review of the packages.

After filling out the form, creators will receive an answer from our services within a week. If they have been approved they will then be able to submit their packages and use Twickd like any other creator.

  • Faster repository reloading on modern package managers with the implementation of a new compression algorithm
  • Customers can now ask for help on any of the packages they've purchase or received as a gift right from the account
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Alert notification was showing under the navigation bar when scrolled.