Twickd Tokens

Last revision on May 1, 2021

The Twickd Tokens system allows creators to pay usage fees dynamically without them being taken directly on the transaction. It allows them to get paid instantly without having to wait days for the transaction to be validated and to have complete control over their customer's transactions.

Notice: These tokens are not cryptographic. The word "Token" is only used as an appellation for that system


Each business has its own Tokens balance. Tokens can be purchased by batch and will be used each time a transaction is completed. If you do not plan on selling packages, you are not required to have Tokens in your business balance.

Purchasing Tokens

If you are selling packages, you must have at least 100 Tokens in your business balance. If your account ever goes below that threshold, your packages will be restricted and potential customers will not be able to purchase them until you have filled your account with new Tokens.

Purchasing Tokens on Twickd is easy. In your Twickd dashboard, go to your Token Balance page and select the number of Tokens you want to buy. The minimum amount of Tokens you can purchase at one time is 100 Tokens. You will then be redirected to PayPal to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed and you have been redirected to Twickd, the Tokens will be instantly credited to your business account and you will be able to use them right away. If your packages were restricted due to a Low Token reason, they will automatically get unrestricted.

Consuming Tokens

Tokens are consumed automatically after each successful transaction, you have nothing to do as they will be debited from your business balance.

Let's use a quick example to show you how token consumption occurs:
In this example, we will be selling a package for 1.49 USD. Knowing that Twickd's commission is 10% of the package initial price, the amount owed is 0.149 USD.

100 Tokens is equal to 1 USD.

First, we convert the package initial price into Tokens, so 149 Tokens = 1.49 USD.
Then we take 10% of that amount, so 14.9 Tokens. Tokens being indivisible, we round that to the upper integer, which in this case is 15.

So, if we are selling a 1.49 USD package with Twickd, it will cost us 15 Tokens per complete transaction.