User Support

The most frequently asked questions to our support hotline by users regarding how to use Twickd and/or how to manage your account.

We regularly update and add new answers so that they are always up to date.

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Account management


You have experience an issue while registering or you do not know if your account is fully registered


You have trouble logging in to your account

Account removal

You want to remove your account and all of its data from Twickd (i.e: right to erasure, ...)

Device management

Device linking

You are having a hard time linking your device, or it returns an error when you try to link it

Purchase management

Purchase error

You experience issues when trying to pay for a package or after paying for a package

Download issue

Having trouble downloading a purchased package


Your purchase does not suit you and you would like to be refunded

Customer support

The creator has yet to reply to your support request or you received an inappropriate answer

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