June 18th, 2021

It's finally here 🎉.
The most requested feature in the past couple of weeks, packages submission, is finally live on Twickd.

This new version, along with packages submission, is packed with a lot of small changes and fixes to improve your experience. Our main focus this time was to work on the user experience...

New Features

Packages Submission

After many weeks of waiting, it is finally here!

We expect many new packages to be submitted in the next few days/weeks. We ask for your patience.
If you have several packages to upload at the same time, please only submit the one whose upload is most important to you.

If everyone contributes to this effort, we will be able to get back to a proper review pace very quickly.

Here is a small list of all the major features of the new packages submission:

  • Define a custom BundleID (or identifier) for your package. If you decide, however, to change from the default BundleID to a custom one, you will no longer be allowed to host your package on mulitple repository. As mentionned in our Creative guidelines
  • Upload up to 6 high-quality screenshots for your package
  • Write your descriptions effortlessly with our Markdown editor
  • Get notified when your package has been approved or when it has been rejected. In the case of a rejection, the notification will include the reason why it has been rejected and what you can do to improve your next submission

Going back to our previous update, we will be more picky than before about enforcing our creative guidelines and various policies towards creators.

As mentioned above, each rejection will be accompanied by a notification that includes the reason for the rejection as well as any tips for improving the next submission.

We understand that it can be confusing and frustrating to have your work rejected, so we will try to make it as easy as possible for you to understand the reason(s) for the rejection, so that you can correct them and resubmit your package.

  • All alerts have been reworked, they are now more visible to the user and can also include actions to guide them
  • User's custom system fonts will now, reliably, show accross all the Twickd applications
  • Some important feature explanations have been rewritten to be easier to understand for less experienced users
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the empty images background on the dashboard was not showing in light mode
  • Fixed an issue where some transitions were not executing properly on Safari for macOS
  • Fixed an issue where Help button was showing twice for some users